How To Get a UK Address For Your Business in Pakistan?

If you wanted to start a business in the UK from Pakistan, you will need a UK address, in this article we have discussed how you can get a UK Address from Pakistan?

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6 min readMar 16, 2022
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Despite COVID-19 led pandemic, it is true that the global economy is growing and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon owing to the rise in population. Therefore, many people in different parts of the world want to grow their businesses and thus to have a presence in other parts of the world.

This cannot be done without having a virtual business address in some of the world’s economic powerhouses, and having a virtual business address in some of these countries is a growing demand for businessmen from lower-income and lower-middle-income countries.

If you have a business in Pakistan and you are looking to get a virtual business address in the United Kingdom due to several reasons, then surely this guide is meant for you as I try to uncover how you can proceed with your query.

What exactly is a virtual business address?

With a small fee, you can, while sitting in any part of the world, own a business address so that you can receive mails, documents, and do other legal work without any hindrances which may exist in your home country.

As the name tells, a virtual business address is entirely “virtual” which while physically exists where it claims to be, however, for you, it is virtual because you are or your business is not physically located there but is rather running operations with the help of it.

The service of virtual business addresses is growing rapidly and many businessmen around the world are choosing them from developing countries.

What are the types of virtual business addresses?

There are two types of virtual business addresses which are as follows:

1. Sole Ownership:

These are the types of virtual business addresses which are owned by one person. For them, this allows them to earn additional capital from the real estate they own, and for others, it helps them to fulfil their business needs.

One of the drawbacks of this is accountability. Accountability is a major issue over here since it is a direct matter between you and the sole owner of that property, so you should look forward to expecting some unprofessional behaviour from them.

2. Offered by service providers:

This is the best way to go about it, and the one that I would recommend. Depending upon your needs, you can choose a service provider. As the market is evolving and becoming competitive, service providers have come up with their apps for faster communication with you so you can check your mail instantly.

What are the benefits of a virtual business address?

Pakistan is growing itself to be a business-friendly country but it still has a long way to go about. Many international companies do not operate in Pakistan, thus you may very well need a virtual business address. The followings are some of the advantages of having a virtual business address:

  • You want to evade taxes on your product or service that your home country has, therefore you can use a business address from a very different part of the world.
  • You want to grow your business in that part of the world in the foreseeable future. Thus, to build your clientele, you want them to have trust in you and there is a better chance they will be selecting a business operating from their country than from any other part of the world.
  • You admire pristineness over anything else. Thus, having a virtual business address of a UK or US that you can advertise on your business card will certainly help to make your business look more professional around your client’s circle.
  • Depending upon what kind of subscription you go after, a virtual business address will help you receive both documents and mail which can later be forwarded from there to your home country.
  • Oftentimes this can also be because you have plenty of clients in that country, and thus for you to make it convenient for your customers to send you business-related documents, you choose a virtual business address so they can send mail conveniently to you.
  • You deal with products that are not legal in the country and would prefer to have a virtual business address that you can link to evade legal issues. This can range from pharmaceutical drugs to adult products.
  • A virtual business address helps to keep your home address private since many new companies such as tech startups do not want to share their home address with the public. This is why it’s a good practice to have a virtual business address that gives you much-needed anonymity.

How to choose a virtual business address provider: Step by step

Just like buying any other service, it is important to think carefully and then check on what you need and what is on the offer from the different providers. Some of the things to check before paying a service provider are as followings:

1. Make a list of services you need:

If you have read the benefits of a virtual business address which I uncovered, you will have a better understanding of what it is meant for and who it serves. You may want this because you want your business or customer in the UK to interact with you conveniently, or you may want some privacy from being located in Pakistan. Whatever the case there is, it is important to note down what services you need.

2. The address:

It’s smart to do an analysis on where your customers are, or from where it is cheaper to send mail from the UK to Pakistan. Many service providers will give you a choice of different locations around the UK so choose wisely.

3. Cost and discounts:

Of course, converting your PKR to GBP is a big difference, especially considering you will be doing it every month, and thus not easy on anyone’s finances. It is important to compare the service providers and the costs that they ask for. Also look for discount offers that they offer. You may have struck a good deal.

4. Read the reviews:

Lastly, it is important to read the reviews about the website. You can do so on their Facebook business page. This is important because you are contacting a service provider who is continents apart from yours.

Some of the UK virtual business address providers:

The UK has many virtual business address providers starting from £15 to £200 (or even more) depending upon the services that you seek from them.

I have worked with a Pakistani consultant called Consultisor and they helped me set up a UK company and get me a UK address. Consultisor is a Karachi based company and they helped me with everything from setting up a Uk based company, getting UK’s virtual address, to set up a UK bank account. They are very helpful and have understood the ins and outs of this sector.

They have worked with countless entrepreneurs to set up their business in the UK, you can contact them here.


There are several reasons why you as a business person based in Pakistan would want to have a business address from the United Kingdom. Maybe it is to expand your business. Maybe it is to seek new UK-based customers. The reasons can be endless but what’s true is, you can easily get a UK address for your business in Pakistan for as low as £10.50/month.

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