How To Get a US Employer Tax Identification Number From Pakistan?

How to get EIN (Employer Tax Identification Number) from Pakistan?

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6 min readMar 16, 2022
how to get a US Employer Tax Identification number from Pakistan?
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Starting a business in an international country is a difficult task. But if you think your business should expand more for you to earn more revenue, the United States of America is the best place to go about.

Many people are now running their business in the US while sitting in some other part of the world. If you have a successful business in some other country and you are earning a good wage in their currency, you will need to pay their taxes. Sitting in Pakistan and carrying out these chores requires a good understanding of the terms related to business.

Once you pay your tax, you can also ask for your refund that is according to US law. For this purpose and many others, you will need to have a social security number. It is important for your identification. If you don’t have the security number, you will need a tax identification number for sure.

After reading this article, you have enough knowledge to make a tax identification number and use it to keep your business going.

What is a tax identification number?

It is a nine-digit number that is an alternative to the social security number. It is the identification of people who are not eligible for the security number. These people include those who are non-residents of the US or the residents who are not the actual citizens of the country they live in. They are called resident aliens. When these people need to file taxes, they will need an identification number.

Without any of these two numbers, a person is unable to identify themselves to the IRS. if they cannot do so, they cannot pay taxes or request a refund. If they cannot pay taxes to the US even though they are earning from a US-based company, it would be a problem for them.

Remember that your identification number is not long-lived. It can expire after some time if not used properly. It will also expire if the person suddenly got eligible for the social security number and received one.

Who should have an identification number?

Besides the person not eligible for SSN, ITIN is also used by great businessmen who wish to keep their US companies going. Here is a list of people who will need an identification number:

  • People who wish to be sellers on Amazon.
  • Earners who want to set up bank accounts in the US.
  • For demanding Mastercards, you will need an ITIN first.
  • People who wish to invest in companies in the US.
  • Non-residence and resident aliens who wish to pay taxes or get refunds.
  • As a freelancer, to offer your content to people in the US while you are in some other country.
  • To provide proof of your residency in the US to the embassy.
  • People involved in the stock market.

So you know that if you want to keep the dollars coming from US-based companies, you will need a tax identification number.

Reasons to get ITIN:

The major reason is paying and refunding tax processes. It is important for a foreigner or non-resident to have an ITIN for their identification. What you will need to get an ITIN number is just through your passport copies and CNIC.

Advantages of having an ITIN:

ITIN helps to make your name in the US market. It is the only way to be recognized by the IRS. Also, once you get your tax identification number, you can ask for your tax refunds according to the rules of the IRS.

How to get an ITIN?

Being in the business field, you will have an idea of all the processes you need to go through to get the golden opportunity. But here are some options summarised for you.

Hire Consultisor:

Consultisor is a company that could help you set up a US company as well as a US Employer Tax identification number. You have to hire a company to help you set up an EIN from Pakistan and I think going with a company will make the process very easy as they do everything you for as they know the technical details.

  • You contact Consultisor and they will register your company and will send a request to the IRS by your name.
  • Once your company is formed, the tax ID of the company and ITIN number will be sent to you through the mail.
  • The whole process may take 3 to 4 weeks.

They have worked with thousands of Pakistani businessmen and entrepreneurs to help them set up a business in the US as well as get an EIN number. You can contact Consultisor here.

Get help from an IRS approved agent:

There are many agent offices in countries around the globe that are approved by the IRS. You need to find them in your region. You will also need to deliver all the documents that are required in the process. They will charge you a suitable fee and the rest is their task to get you an ITIN.

Reach the IRS taxpayer assistance centre:

You can also approach the assistive care services offered by the IRS. They will ask you for the important information and will guide you thoroughly.

Mail to the IRS:

You can also fill out a W-7 form by downloading it from google. You can send this form to IRIS through the mail with all the important information. If you are lucky enough, they will authorize you to the IRS and you can ask for tax refunds.

How to apply for a Tax Identification Number?

Search on google for “apply for ITIN ‘’. You will be directed to the page where there is a form waiting to be filled. Fill in all the required information that includes:

  • Your full name.
  • Your email.
  • Contact number with code.
  • Reasons for the application.
  • Passport information.
  • Some details related to your location.
  • Apply and wait for the response.

Things to be submitted to the IRS:

Due to strict rules and regulations, the IRS not only depends on submitting just a form. There is a whole process. You need to submit a copy of your W-7 form together with your tax details and your valid identification. After that, you will wait for the process to be completed. It may take up to 10 weeks. Once you are verified to be eligible for the tax number, the IRS will mail you one.

Keep in mind that this number is only proof of your connections to the US. It does not provide you the privilege of being called a US citizen. You will keep your previous position of non-resident or resident alien. It will just allow you to make interactions with US banks and the IRS and will make your business dealings easy.


Non-residents or resident aliens who wish to make ties with the US can do so by buying or setting up companies in the US. Doing business in the US while sitting in some other part of the world comes with its hardships. You cannot enjoy the luxuries of banking services or being a seller on Amazon until and unless the IRS recognizes you.

If you have earnings coming in dollars from the US, you will be paying tax to the IRS. For these interactions, you need a tax identification number.

You can contact agents in Pakistan to do this work for you by paying them or you can go to different websites available. You can also directly mail your W-7 form to the IRS but this is only luck based on whether they will consider your mail or not.

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