How To Get US Address For My Business in Pakistan?

How to get a US address for your business in Pakistan? — An Ultimate Guide.

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6 min readMar 18, 2022
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There are countless reasons why you would want a virtual business address out in the United States of America (USA) for your business that has operations in Pakistan.

One of the biggest reasons can be privacy, the second one can be your aim to enter the US market while running operations from Pakistan, or thirdly you just need an address so that you are able to receive important documents or mail along with packages that cannot be delivered other than in the US.

Whatever the reason may there be. What’s true is, you can have an address in the US for your business in Pakistan. In this article, I will talk about how you can get a virtual office or a business address in the US.

What is a virtual business address?

In simple terms: a virtual business address is a real physical address that many companies and businesses use to represent or claim as their business address. While there are several benefits of having a virtual business address which I will talk about later in this article, however, the primary reason why one would opt for having a virtual business address is that it helps them or their company to be able to send mail and other important documents. Furthermore, they are also a great way in order to protect your business’s privacy or to have a presence in a foreign country.

On the other hand, many businesses or property owners in the United States offer their business property addresses to be used by other businesses with the help of third-party groups who first verify the business and then allow them a virtual address. They are also offered by individual property owners directly to other businesses.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of options to choose from, and whatever suits you the best you may proceed with that.

What are the benefits of a virtual business address:

While you are a new business and a young business or an established business and wish to open operations in the US, countless benefits come from having a virtual business address, especially that from a US. These benefits include the following:

  • A virtual business address provides you with a physical mailing address thus allowing you to open a US bank account for your business, connect with PayPal and other payment services, or receive mail of your important documents.
  • You have certain privacy-related concerns, thus you can use that virtual business address directed towards some form of business-related tasks.
  • Having a virtual business address is cost-effective since you are not alone paying for the entire address but are rather a part of a pool of people who are paying for it. Thus you get plenty of benefits without having to pay for the entire commercial building address or at times a storage facility.
  • Some of the products or services that your business offers are not registered or legal in Pakistan but are registered or legal in the United States, so thereby it makes complete sense to have a virtual business address in the US so you can evade it from the authorities.

How to get a virtual business address in the US?

You can either follow the process we have mentioned in this article or go for an easy route and hire a consulting firm. One of the consulting firms that we recommend is Consultisor. Consultisor is a Karachi based consulting firm that helps Pakistani businessmen/women and entrepreneurs set up a US virtual address while being located in Pakistan. They also have a range of other services related to opening a foreign business while being in Pakistan.

If you want to set up a US virtual address for your business or you need a PayPal account or if you want to make a US company while being in Pakistan, Consultisor is the right firm for you. They are very hardworking and passionate about what they do. Contact Consultisor here and get a virtual US business address now.

Now that you know what a virtual business address is, and why you would rather want it, Let’s look at how you can get them. While there are multiple ways you can get a virtual business address but the entire process can be broken into the following easy steps which are:

  1. It is recommended you find a virtual business address solution online rather than going to an individual since this way you will have better security and surety. It is important to look at multiple options that best fit your needs, of course, prices will vary so you will have to take note of that.
  2. Selecting a physical location of your virtual business address in the US is also important, and this will also help to reduce the costs depending upon which part of a state you choose from. In addition, you will also have to look into different factors related to your business activity. Maybe the mail you aim to receive on that business address has customers based in New York, so it’s a good practice to choose a location likewise.
  3. Customize the services you need. This can be done with a virtual business service provider or an individual. At times, there will be attractive packages, and if they serve your needs, then surely that is a great way to go about it. If not then, you will have to walk through and have to negotiate a bit depending on what kind of services you need and the ones they offer.
  4. After purchasing that service, you will be provided with a US Postal Form 1583. This is a virtual office mailing address. The purpose of this form is that it legally allows the third person to receive mail on your behalf and also forward it. Whoever you select the services from, this will be mandatory if you need your mail or documents to be received by the virtual address’s agent. Also doable to check if the entire provided information is correct or not.

Some of the US virtual business address providers:

Plenty of companies and individuals provide virtual business address services based in the United States of America to Pakistani businesses or more. The prices vary from as low as $5 to $69 per month. Of course, it depends on what kind of services you require, and if you sign up for a special offer/discount or not.

Some of the service providers I recommend:

Anytime Mailbox:

While starting from as low as $5, this is a great service, especially considering if you are using a virtual business address just to receive or send mail. As the Anytime Mailbox provides urgent Open & Scan, Forwarding, Check Depositing, and Shredding services. Whenever your mail is received, it is instantly opened by the agents and forwarded to you after scanning the documents on Whatsapp or emails.


This is another great virtual business address, service provider. They have many services for you. Ranging from Getting a US Address, discarding your junk mail, sending shipments to your main location, managing your mail via sending it online, and providing storage space for your shipments for over 90 days.

Of course, depending upon the services you require, the rates will also vary depending upon the weight of your package and how many packages you want to be sent per month. Thus, the USA2Me can vary from $10 to $300 (or even more).

Earth class mail:

While this is an expensive virtual business address service provider with $69/month. What helps it to stand out from the others is that it integrates with Google Drive, Xero, Quickbooks, and so on which helps to take action on your emails to be as easy as possible. If you receive lots of emails and want it to be better organized for your future use, this is by far the best service you should look for. However, considering the rates, and the presence of other service providers, Earth class mail is best suitable for big businesses and companies.

PS: How to get a US Virtual address from Pakistan for your business?

Depending upon the reasons, there are plenty of options for you to choose from if you want a virtual business address for your business that is located in Pakistan. Doing so will help you get most of the perks there are for being a local US business.

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