How To Make a Paypal Business Account From Pakistan?

How to make a PayPal account in Pakistan?

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6 min readMar 16, 2022
how to make paypal account in Pakistan? a step by step guide for people to make a paypal business account
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Online transaction methods are improved with the growth of online business opportunities. People live in a world run through the internet. Every small or big task is done through the internet. Shopping and business deals are also preferred to be done online. For this purpose, we need a well-certified payment method supported online.

With the growing need for online payment methods, many companies have made their name in carrying out this duty very well. PayPal is one of the most famous ones. Almost every other person now uses it. Due to the ease of using PayPal and several options provided by their server, worldwide online transactions seem an easy task.

Stepping into business is not easy. First, it requires an understanding of transaction methods. Fortunately, PayPal comes to the rescue.

With a PayPal business account, you can carry out large transactions with just one click. So it would be wise to know PayPal before starting an online business firm.

This article will look into how you can make a Paypal business account from Pakistan.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American financial company carrying out online payments and transactions. You can think of PayPal as a wallet. It stores your money and your credit or debit cards for you. You can withdraw them from the wallet whenever you need to. You can take out the money to pay or keep the money you earned in your wallet. PayPal works on the same idea.

PayPal is different from a usual bank account. You can set up a PayPal account even if you have no bank account. But if you need to withdraw the money from your PayPal, you will need one.

Pros of PayPal:

  • PayPal provides its service for 200 countries and in 25 currencies.
  • It is free to set up an account, but it charges for transactions.
  • You can add as many credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts.
  • PayPal business account also has a mobile app to ease the hustle.
  • All your banking information is secured.
  • PayPal business account also offers a debit Mastercard through which you can make direct purchases.

List of cons of PayPal:

Though a very reliable service, PayPal can give headaches sometimes. There are some flaws in PayPal that are of less concern, but it would be unfair to keep them in the dark here.

  • Transaction from PayPal to a bank account takes three days.
  • Customer care services are slow and unresponsive.
  • Your account can be suspended at any time.

How to create PayPal in Pakistan?

Being such a helpful application, it is a pity that it is banned in Pakistan. Many times the government officials from Pakistan have tried to approach PayPal directly, however, due to FATF-related concerns, PayPal has tried to stay away from Pakistan, and does not plan on coming anytime soon. Therefore, we cannot create a verified account on PayPal.

However, many shortcuts may help us to sign up.

Using a Business Consulting company:

There are different methods to create a PayPal account but getting help from a business consultant was helpful. All I did was take help from them, and they did everything for me.

I have worked with a Karachi based company called Consultisor; they have created a PayPal account for me and helped me with any other issue. You can contact me here.

Use a different location:

It is banned in our region, but some hacks may prove useful. One is using other countries as your location. The general steps of setting up an account are as follow:

  • Search “PayPal Malaysia” on Google. Because Pakistan and Malaysia are on the same continent, this location is mainly preferred.
  • Click on “sign up”.
  • Click on the option of “business account”.
  • Next, it will ask you about your source of income and monthly earnings. Fill it accordingly.
  • Now enter your email address and set up a password for your PayPal account.
  • It will now ask for more details about your business. Write down a name for your legal business. In the option for the phone number, you can add your Pakistani SIM card number. And also your Pakistani address. Remember, the option for the state will still show “Malaysia”.
  • Fill the next pages accordingly, asking about your date of birth and nationality. For example, you can add “Pakistani” here and can also use your CNIC.
  • Your account will be created. You will now need to verify your email.
  • You can also create a “” account.

This method will let you create your account very easily. But withdrawals of your money will not be possible with this account. This is because withdrawals demand verified phone numbers and your Pakistani SIM card is not the lucky one here.

Use VPN:

VPNs are used to disguise your location. For example, if you have created a PayPal account with some other country’s information, use a VPN of the exact location while using the application. If your location gets leaked, your account will be blocked.

Ask a friend:

As much as obvious it may sound, this is also a great way to go about it. This could be your only authentic chance of creating a safe PayPal. Try to make friends on different continents and ask them for this favour.

Ask them to sign up for you on PayPal by using the email you provided. They can also help you with providing you with a phone number verified on google voice.

The next step would be to fill out an ITIN form and get an ITIN number. It is like a security number. When you request a PayPal Mastercard, you should have your ITIN number. This card will be delivered to your friend’s address. They can ship it to you.

Remember that you can easily earn on PayPal through this method. But every time you use a PayPal created by your friend from America or some other country, make sure you are using a VPN of the same country.

Buy an address:

Many websites sell you addresses. You can buy from them and use them to create your PayPal. All your emails, like Mastercards, will be delivered to this address, and the seller will send it to your present address by charging you some more fee. The fee can vary from location to location. Some charge over $25, others charge $200 per month.

How to withdraw your earnings?

If you have succeeded in getting a credit card from a local bank close to you, you can use it at any ATM to make a transaction especially if it is Visa or MasterCard supported. If not, you can link other accounts, like Payoneer to your PayPal and get your money into them.

While some people have reported success in withdrawing money from SadaPay and OnePay, this is not a method I would recommend. Largely because these FinTechs are extremely new to the market, and signing up for their accounts is a long and tedious process. Therefore, Payoneer is the best way to go about especially since it has legal operations in Pakistan, and connects directly with Faysal Bank and Jazz Cash Account.


The whole discussion summarizes that PayPal is banned in Pakistan and it is never an easy task to create it here. But many hacks have proved to be useful like asking a friend for help or using a different address through a VPN. I will recommend going for hiring a company to make a Paypal account for you. They do everything to help you create a PayPal account and also take care of your future PayPal issues.

Remember that there is no guarantee of the time for which your PayPal will work. The services can block it if they notice anything suspicious at any instance.

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