How To Start Selling on Amazon From Pakistan?

How to start selling on Amazon successful from Pakistan? An ultimate guide for beginners.

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6 min readMar 9, 2022
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The world is fast-changing, and the way a traditional business is done has changed. Today, anyone can be a seller if they have any product to sell that has substantial buyers. Unlike the old days where for a seller they would have to open an expensive store; pay its rent and for other expenses. It has all changed, for better or for worse.

With the advent of the internet, eCommerce is growing, especially after the COVID-19 led Pandemic. The world is fast shifting towards the idea of having an online store and selling its products through it.

On the eCommerce side, Amazon tops the list.

It has the most number of products ever to be listed on a website, and the list keeps on growing since new sellers are always coming on the website and start selling their products.

If you’re like many others who also want to be a part of this growing trend of eCommerce, choose Amazon above all. I understand it can become a bit tricky, but hopefully, after reading this article, that will change.

Why choose Amazon above all?

It is no secret that Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces for sellers and shoppers. Period.

The website is recognized and used to purchase products from different parts of the world, especially within the United States of America. According to research, over 39% of all eCommerce purchases done are generated through Amazon.

There are over 150 million paid prime accounts and over 300,000,000 active customers. This is why over 4,000 sales are done on Amazon per minute. The numbers are huge, and for any upcoming eCommerce individual or a business, Amazon is no place to ignore.

If you can master Amazon, the rest are quite easy!

Can you open an Amazon store in Pakistan?

The answer to the question is: yes.

A Pakistani, residing in Pakistan can open an account on Amazon and start listing their products. The process to this is quite simple and can be done through simple steps. All you need to do is to create an Amazon ID from Pakistan. To create your account, these are the things you will need:

  • An Email address
  • A cell phone number
  • A permanent address

I have hired the services of a company run by Muhammad Sidiq Balagam; he runs a company that help people like me and you to start an Amazon company from Pakistan, the company is called Consultisor and you can hire them to set up your Amazon business from Pakistan. Contact Consultisor here.

How to start selling on Amazon from Pakistan?

First things first, you know you want to sell on Amazon which is without any doubt one of the most competitive eCommerce places out there but the opportunity for growth is subsequently also very high.

1. Have an amazing product:

Well, true.

I know this is obvious, however, it is a must to have an excellent product that you want to sell, and by excellent I mean excellent.

Amazon is an extremely competitive place, and if you get one order wrong, it will screw your prospects. You need to have a product that is top-notch and is priced subsequently. Overcharging it or undercharging it will both have consequences.

I recommend you whenever or whatever product you come up with, you need to ensure it has gone through some rigorous trials so you know how tough and strong your product is.

2. Verify your account:

We know that Amazon is available for Pakistani users, and thus you need to make sure your Amazon profile is verified so that you start to sell products.

A verified profile can be made within a few steps, given you have all the above mentioned at your disposal so that your profile can get approved.

3. Types of Amazon Accounts:

There are two types of Amazon accounts, so depending upon what kind of products or services you are placing on Amazon, you need to be clear about it.

  • Individual Account: This is the type of account that is for small sellers or simply those who want to test the water.

The fee is also very small, about $0.99 per item sold. While you can sell multiple kinds of items on a listing on this account, however, you cannot create a new listing. Also, you will only be restricted to a few kinds of categories such as health, personal care, grocery, clothing, footwear, watches, beauty, etc.

  • Professional Account: This is where the fun begins. If you have a professional account, you will be able to sell over 40 or more products. However, you will have to pay a fee of $39.99 or you can switch to a $0.99 Amazon fee on each item sold.

The listing category is as endless as it can be, and also you as a seller can choose your shipping charges for your product.

Thus, I would recommend starting from a personal account and once you have enough reviews and experience, then you can move towards a professional one.

4. Having a great product photo and description:

You only have a limited space where you will tell about your product and place its image. Thus, you are bound to make the best of it.

This is where you need to ensure you do excessive keyword research; see what kind of keywords you’re buying are looking for that revolve around your product, and be honest. Don’t put too many claims that you know your product will not be able to fulfil. Rather be honest about it.

Putting a professional image, and clear is the best you can go about. I would recommend hiring a professional photographer or buying some lighting equipment and learning some basic editing skills that will help to ensure the pictures you put are of great quality.

What are the popular products on Amazon in 2022:

As a Pakistani, and someone entering the marketplace of Amazon needs to understand what kind of products sell the best on Amazon. While the list keeps on changing, some of the most popular products on Amazon are:

  • Books
  • Software
  • Jewellery
  • Watches (both for men and women)
  • Fashion products
  • School stationery
  • Office stationery
  • Personal care items
  • Groceries
  • Garden items
  • Toys
  • Music instruments
  • Automotive cleaning items
  • Men’s clothes and accessories
  • Female clothes and accessories
  • Sporting goods
  • Baby products

Advanced tips to sell effectively on Amazon:

For anyone starting on Amazon, they need to understand some basic tips to make sure they sell effectively on Amazon. These include:

  • Product listing should be simple with easy-to-read titles.
  • Running paid ads directly onto the platform is not a bad idea. You can arrange a monthly budget for your paid marketing on Amazon.
  • Always take your reviews seriously. Remember: the customer is always right. You need to take the complaints seriously, and respond to them on time. Even if you have to change the item despite not much that you’ve done wrong, it will give you a long-term benefit.
  • Review your dashboard’s analytics. See what listing of yours is getting attention and which one is not. Analyze to see which one is getting more reviews than which is not, and subsequently look at the changes.

Bonus tip:

  • Having social media also helps. You can have a blog about a particular niche and start placing links to your amazon product there. This will be your marketing and can do wonders if you develop a wide range of followers and viewers.


Selling on Amazon is not difficult for a Pakistani. The struggle on Amazon is the same for any seller, however, if you use the right tools, enter the marketplace with the right mindset, this will help you in the long run.

I hope this helps.

If you have any questions, you can follow Consultisor on Facebook here and ask them a question.



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